1954 image


Start-up from scratch

In 1954, a Pole named Grenoski arrived in New Zealand with the dream of starting his own pet business. He shortened his name to Green and opened the doors to R Green Ltd in Hamilton, a retail shop offering 100 everyday products for household pets.

1961 image


R Green Ltd meets new owners

When the Wootton family became the new owners of R Green Ltd, they gave the company a shiny new name – Masterpet - an important step for a bustling young business with big plans for the future.

1963 image


Alan Whelpton starts Pets International

Alan Whelpton established Pets International, which he oversaw until the Masterpet ownership from 2001.

1971 image


Wayne Wootton hops aboard

When Wayne Wootten, the 21 year old son of the Masterpet owner, HJ, joined the team as the new Operations and Finance Director, he had already sold exotic fish from home and opened his own pet shop. Straight away, Wayne solved the company’s import hassles by finding great local suppliers. He then invested in plastic moulding equipment, allowing Masterpet to supersize its selection with even more locally made products.

1980 image


And away it grew!

By the 80s, Masterpet was getting big. So big, that the grand company headquarters building in Kaiwharawhara became a landmark in Wellington, adorned with 2-storey murals of dogs, cats and other furry friends. By then, Wayne’s brother, Brent had also joined the family business. And it only got bigger from there.

Late 80's image

Late 80's

Masterpet pounces onto supermarket shelves

Throughout the later 80s, Masterpet rolled out their own range of products for everyday pet needs to supermarkets. The selection included VitaPet, a new brand back then. Today, the brand boasts half of the pet-cessories market.

1997 image


Masterpet purchases half of pet-cessories co then gets political

After buying half of Pets International Australia, a pet-cessories company, the Wootton brothers had the clever idea of designing doggy toys after broadcaster Paul Holmes and politician Winston “Dog Tucker” Peters. Their big debut drew national media coverage and the products flew off the shelves to sell out in just two days. That inspired the brothers to release even more chewy versions of lawmakers, just in time for the 1998 Australian election.

1998 image


Distribution gets new digs

To keep pace with the company’s rampant growth, Masterpet bought one of the biggest warehouses in Wellington and implemented new top-notch management and distribution systems to bring products into the homes of pets even faster than before.

1999 image


Masterpet does it all – automatically

To help organise their in-store visits, warehouse orders, deliveries and retail products, Masterpet went digital with a new automated system. This, as well as financial systems, warehouse operations, sales information and operations, was added to the company’s ‘master’ computer, allowing the business to run smoothly with ease.

It was also the year Masterpet introduced powerful radio frequency technology, so everyone in Distribution could use a computer and a scanner that collected data for it. Masterpet also went paper-free, protecting important data, reducing error and doing their bit for the environment.

2000 image


Pet food distribution

Kicking off the new millennium, Masterpet was chosen by Iams (owner of Eukanuba) to have exclusive distribution rights in New Zealand: a big win for the growing company.

2001 image


Pets International Australia becomes Masterpet Australia

Expanding the ever-growing family, Masterpet NZ bought the rest of Pets International Australia and renamed it, Masterpet Australia. With that, the company moved into a massive, 12,000sqm warehouse on 2 hectares of land with all the latest technologies and processes in place. It was a solid foundation for Masterpet Australia to become the household name it is today.

2005 image


Masterpet creates ‘Master’ Brands

To get an idea of what the pets of Australasia like to eat, chew, play with and scratch, Masterpet surveyed owners from all over Australia and New Zealand. From those insights, Masterpet created their own specialist brands for pet specialty stores tailored to the needs of Kiwi and Aussie pets.

2006 image


Masterpet and Animates shake on it

In the never-ending quest to provide everything pets need, Masterpet partnered with Animates, New Zealand’s biggest store for pets.

2010 image


Aristopet. Just what Dr. Masterpet ordered

Masterpet partnered with Beaphar Holland company, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, health care products, and super-premium complete foods, in a positive move for the wellbeing of the pets of Australasia. They also adopted Aristopet, maker of health and wellness products for pets.

2011 image


Masterpet finds a new home

Masterpet finally found a new home of its own, as EBOS Healthcare acquires the company. It was a perfect fit, as health-focused EBOS is dedicated to helping Masterpet help pets, using professionally-led innovation, products and technology.

2014 image


Masterpet moves into new Wellington facility

Masterpet moved into a new earth-friendly, high-tech, office space in Wellington with sensor lighting, high-speed doors and enough space for 11,000 pallets of pet stuff. And because Masterpet was one big, universal family of pet-lovers, the state-of-the-art building was also built with internal windows in the walls. The office also included meeting rooms and a cafeteria.

2014 image


Black Hawk joins the Masterpet House of Brands

2014 was a big year for Masterpet and Black Hawk also became part of the family. The original Black Hawk® recipe was developed when a passionate breeder relentlessly searched for ingredients that had a nutritional benefit and removed those that didn’t. Since joining the Masterpet family, the cat and dog food company’s commitment to real food was stronger than ever.

That same year, Masterpet was also awarded Supreme winner and Manufacturing & Distribution Category winner at the Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, a fantastic affirmation of everything the team had been striving for.

2016 image


Black Hawk launches Grain Free

The launch of Black Hawk grain free as an alternative choice for discerning pet parents.

2017 image


Masterpet Australia open Alexandria office

With space in the Smeaton Grange office becoming crowded, Masterpet opened a second Sydney office in Alexandria. Providing a new workplace for staff across most departments.

2018 image


Black Hawk launches in New Zealand

Black Hawk takes the breeder developed pet foods to the New Zealand market, available through pet stores and vet clinics across the country.

2020 image


Aristopet Spot Ons

In 2020, Aristopet launched Spot Ons - a groundbreaking 6 month flea protection and 4 month tick protection for dogs that was applied in one dose of 4 spots along the dog’s spine from the shoulder to the base of the tail. The launch was life changing for Australasian dogs and owners and a huge landmark for Masterpet.

2021 image


Pharmaceutical manufacturing rebranded to Qpharma

After 11 years with Masterpet, Aristopet manufacturer rebranded to Qpharma, reflecting the accessibly priced veterinary-grade products that the pet-health company provides.

2021 image


Masterpet's own Pet Care Kitchen

Masterpet opens a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in regional NSW, revolutionising the Australian pet food industry. 

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